Susie’s Menu

How Sweet It Is

On our menu, you’ll find tons of ice cream flavors to choose from. Have your favorite flavor on a cone, in a cup, in a sandwich, or drink it in a smoothie. So many possibilities!


Kiddie $3.75
Small $4.50
Regular $5.25

Decorated Cone $2

Sundae $7.25

3 Scoops of Ice Cream, Choice of 2 Toppings, Whipped Cream and a Cherry

Ice Cream Sandwich $7.25

Pick Your Base

Cookie or Rice Crispy

Choose Your Ice Cream

2 Scoops of Any Flavor

Top It

Roll it in Any Topping

Ice Cream Flavors

Hard or Soft Serve Ice Cream

Black Raspberry Chip
Blue Dino
Cake Batter
Chocolate Peanut Butter (V)
Cookie Dough
Dirty Water
Graham Central Station
Lemon Merengue Pie
Lemon Sorbet (V)
Kahlua Chip
Mint Explosion
Monkey Around
Moose Tracks
Oreo Cookie (V)
Orange Sherbet
Raspberry Sorbet (V)
Salted Caramel

Ice Cream Toppings $ .75

Caramel Sauce
Cheesecake Bits
Chocolate Dip
Chocolate Sauce
Chocolate Sprinkles
Gummy Bears
Hot Fudge
Oreo Pieces
Peanut Butter
Rainbow Sprinkles
Reese’s Pieces
Strawberry Sauce
Whipped Cream

Açai Bowl $10

Frozen açai with bananas, raspberries, blueberries, granola & peanut butter

Ice Cream Cakes

Our Homemade Ice Cream Cakes with Blakes Ice Cream, Your Choice of Two Flavors Each, Cakes Have A Fudge and Oreo Center – and Your Choice of Toppings!

Call the Shop to Order Your Customized Order or Choose One of Our Specialty Cakes Below

Peanut Butter Lovers Ice Cream Cake [N]

PB 180 Ice Cream, Chocolate Fudge Oreo Center, Chocolate Ice Cream, Frosted with Cool Whip Topping, Topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Drizzled with PB and Chocolate Sauce

Small $25
Large $45

Rainbow Sprinkles +$.75
Chocolate Sprinkles +$.75
Mini Chocolate Chips +$.75
Reese’s Pieces +$.75
M&M’s +$.75
Unicorn Bark +$.75
Gummy Bears +$.75
Nerds +$.75

Strawberry Crunch Cake

Strawberry Ice Cream, Crunch Layer Center, Vanilla Ice Cream, Cool Whipped Topping, Crunch Layer on Top

Small $30
Large $45

Rainbow Sprinkles +$.75
Chocolate Sprinkles +$.75
Unicorn Bark +$.75
Reese’s Pieces +$.75
M&M’s +$.75
Gummy Bears +$.75
Nerds +$.75

Oreo Cake

One Layer of Oreo Ice Cream Fudge and Oreos Crunch Center, One Layer of Chocolate Ice Cream, Cool Whip Topping and Topped With Oreos and Oreo Crumbles

Small $25
Large $45

Susie’s Celebration

Chocolate Ice Cream Base, Oreo Fudge Crunch Center, Layer of Vanilla Topped with Cool Whip Topping and Rainbow Sprinkles

Small $25
Large $45

Simple Custom Design or Topping $5
Unique Magical Designs $10

Celebration Boxes

A Classy Looking Fancy Gift Boxed Filled with Susie’s Sweet Treats!
Customizable or Generic Options Available

Valentines Day Box $50-75

2 Seasonal Cake Pops
2 Heart Coco Bombs
1 Susie’s Mugs
Assortment of Valentines Candy
2 Chocolate Strawberries

Someone Sweet Box $50-75

Customizable Your Choice of an Assortment of Candy, Cookies, Baked Goods!

Smash Hearts $35

4 Chocolate Strawberries
1 Smash Heart Filled with Custom Goodies Inside

Dessert Smoothies $8

Wake Up

Chocolate + Coffee Ice Cream, Cold Brew Coffee, Coconut Milk

Berry Blyss

Raspberry Sorbet, Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Coconut Milk

The Susie Q

Strawberry Ice Cream, Strawberries, Bananas, Coconut Milk

The Sandy Banana

Banana + Chocolate Ice Cream, Bananas, Coconut Milk


Baked Goods